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IcemanMediaDropBox is an easy to use platform to manage the flow of media files and metadata to one or several destinations or CMS solutions.


With the IcemanMediaDropBox™, freelance photographers and other suppliers of media files and metadata, can manage and deliver their content to the destination of Your choice, in a controlled and secure way.  With only one push on the button on Your mobile device or camera, You can drop Your content to the right production desk or project, with the required information and metadata attached.

Key benefits

  • Automate and speed up Your workflows
  • Manage Your free lancers and external providers of content in   a secure and efficient way
  • Advanced routing to various destinations such as desks, projects, production archives or CMS solutions
  • Controlled and Secure, encrypted transmission, centrally  managed user permissions and roles.
  • Cloud native architecture, responsive Web GUI, REST API.

Users can create jobs or be assigned to jobs created by external planning tools or CMS solutions.

Metadata is automatically applied to the content before delivery, depending on chosen job or task.




IcemanMediaDropBox™ is built in a two tier structure to achieve maximum security and scalability.


With the MediaDropBox GUI and FTP server placed on a public server, external suppliers and freelancers can deliver their content and media files fast and easy. By using plugins You can send your images or videos from Your camera or mobile device, from the action straight into the production or link it to an ongoing project on the web.


The portal server installed on the private network, delivers files and holds information about users and their jobs and permissions.

With add-on functionality from the OpenStore™, the server also admin rights management, creates reports to content contributors as well as user guidelines related to the content received.

IcemanMediaDropBox™ is fully integrated with the rest of the IcemanMedia product portfolio but can be integrated to any CMS or external planning tool.

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