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Use any solution – produce and archive any content.

Openstore is the complete asset management and workflow solution for the media industry. Manage the whole content lifecycle, from ingestion, through the creation and publication, to archiving and sales of content.


Key benefits

  • Dynamically scalable for changing workloads
  • Designed for very high volumes, outstanding  performance and search capabilities
  • Built for 24/7 operation with fault tolerant architecture
  •   The modular structure of functionality enables customer specific workflows and easy integration to any editorial solution used
  • Supports all formats of content and channels


Openstore™ will provide a durable platform to secure all the needs and capabilities of a modern media house. Proven 24/7 operation for very large volumes and a fault tolerant scalable architecture will ensure continuous operation and that  the content is always available at any time in any channel.

The modular structure with a large number of functions  supporting the operation from ingestion of content, through the production, delivery through chosen channels and even the sales of content, will enable Your organisation to design a user specific efficient workflow.

The media industry is phasing constant change and new challenges. OpenStore™ is dedicated to support constant change by providing superior integration possibilities to allow You to always pick the best solutions found in the market – or to build them Yourself.

Ready made integrations are available for a large number of CMS, DAM , advertising and accounting solutions as well as desktop software such as  Viz One™, Aptoma™, Indesign™, Final Cut™, Photo mechanic™ and Newspilot™ among others.

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