MeidiaDropBox FAQ

  • What is IcemanMediaDropBox ?

IcemanMediaDropBox is a platform for easy and secure transfer of content from external providers such as free lancers and agencies into the editorial secured environment.

  • Are there any limitations regarding which solutions IcemanMediaDropBox can deliver content to?

There are no limitations regarding receiving solutions for content. The delivery procedure is set in the admin functionality and delivery will be executed through the in-built FTP server, to one or several destinations.

  • Could You explain a typical “drop” of content by using the IcemanMediaDropBox?

When delivering images or videos, the photographer opens a web browser and choose the specific job or task to send the content to. By dragging the content to the job and pushing the “send” button, the “drop” is done. All the rest; authorizations, fire walls, linking the content to the right desks/jobs/and even newspapers as well as analyzing and transferring the metadata is automatically taken care of by IcemanMediaDropBox.

  • What is a “job” or “task” in IcemanMediaDropBox?

A “job” is fast link to a dropzone för the content. The “job” contains metadata about the desired content and even an accurate description of the content. The “job” is also connected to information about the destination, that is; To whom or which desk, unit or department the job is to be sent. A “job” can be sent to multiple destinations.

If the registered “job” is linked to several different CMS solutions, the photographer does not need to bother; One drop by the photographer and IcemanMediaDropBox takes care of the rest!

  • Can IcemanMediaDropBox be used by free lance content providers?

Yes. In the admin part of IcemanMediaDropBox, You can specify different roles and related rights. A free lance photographer may only have a role that allows him to drop images and videos to specific “jobs” but he could also have a role that allows him to create own “jobs” to enable him to send in content not specifically ordered for, that is if he suddenly comes across something interesting. A similar function could be to allow anyone in the community to send in interesting images or videos. Depending of source, the inflow could have different destinations.

  • Are there any plugins to use with IcemanMediaDropBox?

Yes, we provide a plugin for among others to Photo mechanic (


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