MediaHub system info


MediaHub is modularized in several small base services each which ca be deployed in-house or as a cloud service on Amazon.

Authentication service

Service for authentication and authorization both for users and apps/services.

Subscription service

The core of MediaHub, messages published by a service is filtered and pushed to all subscribers .

Timeline service

Keeps a searchable index of all messages sent through MediaHub.
Using it’s API an application can search and retrieve, messages previously sent and process them just as if you got the live when they were originally sent.


Due to the modularized design, each component can be run on a separate server in order to maximize performance and cope with changes in volumes of messages.

MediaHub Integration

All base services of MediaHub can be integrated with using REST API’s.

A few examples of different integrations


The Twitter service can subscribe to a number of hashtags and users


MediaHub WordPress module reads posts written in WordPress and sends messages whenever a post is published.


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