Openstore FAQ

  • Is OpenStore “just” and archive ?

No, definitively not !

OpenStore manage the whole content life cycle, from ingestion, through the production and publication, to archiving and even sales of content. All formats of content; text, images, videos and pages are supported and a large number of powerful tools will automate and speed up the process from ingestion to publication in the chosen channels. Ready made plugins and integrations to the most common  CMS solutions in the market enable the user to create a customised workflow with dedicated tools to achieve utmost speed and efficiency in their media business. OpenStore support all types of editorial workflows; print, digital/web, video production and of course the fast growing mobile devices.

On top of this; OpenStore does have a powerful archive with advanced search functionality as well as language support.

  • Does OpenStore fit smaller newspapers ?

Of course! Every actor in the mediamarket, regardless of size, must be competitive and use their resources as efficiently as possible. To achieve this goal, it is all about optimising Your processes from the initial job or feature idea until the ready made and published story. With the modular structure and scalability, You can build a top notch workflow for any size of newspaper, with OpenStore and cut time and money spent in Your production.

  • But, is not OpenStore just aimed for the “big ones”, those with millions of stories and images?

No, although we do have customers with ingestion of several hundred thousand of objects every day and archives with volumes exceeding 700 Terabyte and tens of million objects, it does not mean that OpenStore is developed for the “big ones” only. OpenStore can easily be scaled to fit smaller organisations and we do have customers managing less than 100 000 objects with not even 10 users.

We are producing magazines and journals; can we use OpenStore ?

Yes You can. In fact, many of our customers are producing a higher number of magazines than daily newspapers. Schibsted Aftonbladet as well as Bonnier News Expressen are producing their daily newspapers with OpenStore as well as their very popular magazines.

  • How do I create an editorial team or desk in OpenStore?

That is easy! In the OpenStore GUI You will find Admin / editorial teams, where a user with admin rights can create new teams, change teams as well as link several editorial teams together. These teams does not even need to be in the same organisation – they could be virtual for a specific project or be located on different newspapers.

  • Can two or even more editorial teams cooperate and share content?

This can be achieved by granting permission for teams to access each others folders or on-going production. The workflow of content can also be adjusted accordingly to fit specific requirements.

  •  How do we create a new department or even another newspaper?

New departments can be created with the Admin functionality. A department can have different roles; it can be common for all users in OpenStore or be related to specific editorial teams with restrictions regarding who can access the content.

  • How do we establish a new project?

Projects can be established in many ways. If the intension is that the project to be created, will be more or less permanent, it will be established as a specific department. A project with a limited timeframe will be established as a group, where content can be placed and shared. This will done with the Admin functionality.

  •   How can we do rightsmanagement? (copyrights and commercial terms)

Images and videos that are ingested from agencies or free lancers do include data regarding commercial terms as well as copyrights, which is automatically interpreted and executed by OpenStore. Commercial terms between the media company and the agencies will be implemented in cooperation with the user, to mirror the existing legal terms. Content produced within the organisation can be likewise attached to several restrictions.

  •   Authorisation within the system; who can do what?

The authorisation and user rights are layered in six different levels in accordance with the editorial organisation. Every user will be registered according to his/her organisational position and tasks and the access to the system is linked to that position.

  •   How do we manage the workflow of content?

There are not two “lookalike” organisations with similar needs. Before the setup of the workflow, a thorough analyse regarding every content type needs to be done as well as for You organisational needs and structures. When this is done and You have a good understanding about how You would like to work, the workflow will be created in OpenStore by using different methods; FTP, Drag&Drop, mail, Upload via client, Upload via API etc.

  • Who has the authorisation to change and maintain the flow of content?

Users with admin rights can maintain and change the workflow i OpenStore. It could be anything from adding new FTP channels changing “routings” of content based on IPTC categories.

  •   Is there a report generator?

Yes, there is a report generator in OpenStore. Among others are reports generated automatically regarding published images and sent to the  agencies providing images.

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