Our vision

Iceman Media is all about making organisations better. Our clients are some of the most advanced, integrated, multichannel media operations in the world and we want to spread that success.



Openstore provides a rich set of business optimisation tools to support the management of cost-saving initiatives, whilst helping to drive business efficiency and the controlled management of potentially radical change. (read more).


Pick the best solutions found in the market, or build them yourself with tools from the MediaHub library. Connect them to the MediaHub and you are up for business, regardless of the type of content. This is what we call integration made easy. (read more)


MediaDropBox is a easy to use platform to manage the flow of media files and metadata to one or several destinations or applications.  (read more)


We have worked closely with some of the most successful mediacompanies in the world for more than twenty years and turned their visions into reality through our solutions. We would be delighted to be a part of Your next success story!


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