MediaHub FAQ

  • What is IcemanMediaHub ?

IcemanMediaHub is an integration platform for content. Developers can use the provided services to connect their solutions to the IcemanMediaHub and instantly all their solutions can “talk” to each other and share content, regardless of XML format. IcemanMediaHub makes integration really fast and easy. If You want to create Your own projects or services/apps, use the ready made tools and with one connection to the IcemanMediaHub, You can access all Your content.

  • Does IcemanMediaHub store content?

That depends…

No, IcemanMediaHub does not store any content, instead it is the gatekeeper that controls and distribute content by using the in-built subscription technology. Applications or services that request content, do that through subscriptions – IcemanMediaHub does only manage and distribute the requested content.

Yes, in the IcemanMediaHub there is a functionality that tracks all the objects that IcemanMediaHub has distributed, this it what we call the Time Line service. The Time Line service has a database that stores information about every pcs of content requested or distributed between services and the subscribers. If, for example, service A sends a message to application B, that it can provide a new video created in solution X, the Time Line in IcemanMediaHub will keep a perfect track about that video; where it can be found, detailed information about metadata and You can search it, look at it and even use it – although the video will be physically stored in application X.

  • How do I register a new service in IcemanMediaHub?

That is easy!  In the IcemanMediaHub webGUI You can register your new service and tell IcemanMediaHub what kind of content Your new service will provide. When the new service is registered, all other services and applications can subscribe for the content provided by the new service.

  • How do I register a new application?

This is as easy as registering a new service! In the IcemanMediaHub GUI You can register your new application and when the registration is done, the new application will subscribe on desired content.

  • How does IcemanMediaHub knows how to send the accurate content to the right application?

When registering a subscription for an application, you will specify the adress for content to be send. Think mail-order! You just register the adress for delivery!

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