Use any solution – share any content.

Do you still believe, that one vendor can provide all your solutions for your media production ? 

We don’t !

Pick the best solutions found in the market, or build them yourself with tools from the MediaHub library. Connect them to the MediaHub and you are up for business, regardless of the type of content. This is what we call integration made easy.


  • Independent of systems and content.
  • Share content regardless of solutions.
  • Event driven and in real time.
  • Developer friendly.

MediaHub is a event driven fabric for managing content, it’s also a toolbox for developers.

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Micro services

MediaHub is made of small self contained services.


Easy to use REST API, like most popular internet services.


Central management, everything is REST, even administrative tasks..

Event driven

MediaHub is event driven, and easily managed via MediaHub admin service.

Push data

MediaHub delivers data via push in realtime to subscribing applications or services, trigged by events.


Regardless of used solutions or content produced, the content can be shared with any systems and solutions.


MediaHub can be deployed in both private and public cloud environments.

MediaHub is optimized to take advantage of elastic cloud environments

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The best way to experience the power of MediaHub and to get a deeper knowledge of MediaHub is to book a demo (go to book  demo page)



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