One of the largest news companies in Sweden now uses mediaHub to synchronize the data of different CMS systems with each other.

For example when objects in one system are updated, MediaHub sends messages about that specific update, which MediaHub subscribers in other systems receive and perform synchronization of new metadata.

Openstore Adobe CEP

IcemanMedia is now introducing a new replacement for our Adobe Indesign Plugin.

Openstore CEP (Common Extensibility Platform) can be used in all Adobe products that support CEP, e.g. InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro etc.

Our CEP is fully integrated with Adobe and makes workflows with Openstore content much easier and faster.

A giant leap into the future for TR Media

TR Media offers a unique portfolio of innovative digital products and services for the horse racing and trottingmarket. To fulfil their vision of providing the best betting information and content solutions to both customers and B2B clients, as well as to serve other units within the Swedish Trotting Association and their partner ATG, TR Media needed solutions to fulfil their vision.

No more hassle with IT or old applications that held us back. Now we can focus on building new services and improve our customers values, says Patrik Nord, Head of Production and Petri Johansson, Head of Business Area.

In only a few weeks, the legacy infrastructure and archives were replaced with the cloudbased SaaS services IcemanMediaDropBoxTM, IceManMediaHubTM, OpenStoreTM as well as various APIs and plugins. The services support the editorial workflow for all mediaformats from the field, through the editorial processes to publication in various channels and products. Seamlessly the old archives in FotoStation were migrated into the new services and a number of CMS solutions within the group connected.

The outcome: substantial cost cut, integrated and efficient workflow, flexibility to add any new services or applications needed and unlimited possibilities to enhance or launch new business ideas.

MediaHub v 1.10

MediaHub Admin GUI v 1.10 now has built in change of Twitter Service configuration.

Administrator of services can now easily via the MediaHub Admin user interface change accounts to follow and hashtags to filter.

MediaHub version 1.9

A new version of MediaHub is available, the new version now have a built in web socket (Mediahub APIGateWayWS). Subscribers of MediaHub messages can now easily just connect to a WebSocket to start getting messages. The WebSocket URI is provided by the MediaHub admin GUI when a subscription is set to use WebSocket (earlier version only supported HTTP Post as delivery method for messages).

The built in search TimeLine in MediaHub Admin  has also been rewritten. Facets for methods is present and clickable, the subscribers JSON messages is also a part of the search results in this version, very good for new developers start using subscriptions.

Magnet MediaHub subscriber

A new MediaHub app for feeding Klangoo Magnet with data via IcemanMediaHub is now available, the Magnet MediaHub subscriber application, subscribes for data from different data sources (such as Openstore (image, video,articles, pdf pages) , WordPress articles, Newspilot articles/jobs, Fotostation images, Twitter tweets, Instagram posts, etc etc.. When new data is available in MediaHub, Magnet MediaHub subscriber instant update’s the Magnet fingerprint index with the new data, and Magnet can do its magic with relationships between objects… New data sources can be added to MediaHub and Magnet will be feed with the new data automatically after updating the subscription.

Openstore Web 4.27

A new version of Openstore Web 4.27b is available, the new version includes several new API calls, such as GET_ARTICLE_ORG_XML, ADD_LDAP_SERVICE_ACCOUNT,COUNT_SUPPLIER_REPORT_ROWS, GET_ARTICLES_AS_ZIPFILE etc…

API call GET_PAGE_INFO has now dimension of page in result.

API call PROCESS_IMAGE, has now better response in case of error.

API call ORDER_REPRODUCTION can now take parameters contrast and gamma.

New functions in GUI includes among others, Get original XML files to articles as ZIP file, Download Original XML to article, set default LDAP user permissions, map LDAP permissions to Openstore permissions etc etc…

And of course bug fixes, performance and other improvements …

New version of Openstore Web (

A new version of Openstore Web (version is now available !

The upgrade includes

  • Support for new shortcut (enter) used in search results for open/close preview and info.
  • New tip window after login.
  • New “show shortcuts” dialogue

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