A giant leap into the future for TR Media

TR Media offers a unique portfolio of innovative digital products and services for the horse racing and trottingmarket. To fulfil their vision of providing the best betting information and content solutions to both customers and B2B clients, as well as to serve other units within the Swedish Trotting Association and their partner ATG, TR Media needed solutions to fulfil their vision.

No more hassle with IT or old applications that held us back. Now we can focus on building new services and improve our customers values, says Patrik Nord, Head of Production and Petri Johansson, Head of Business Area.

In only a few weeks, the legacy infrastructure and archives were replaced with the cloudbased SaaS services IcemanMediaDropBoxTM, IceManMediaHubTM, OpenStoreTM as well as various APIs and plugins. The services support the editorial workflow for all mediaformats from the field, through the editorial processes to publication in various channels and products. Seamlessly the old archives in FotoStation were migrated into the new services and a number of CMS solutions within the group connected.

The outcome: substantial cost cut, integrated and efficient workflow, flexibility to add any new services or applications needed and unlimited possibilities to enhance or launch new business ideas.

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